New York, New York! What a whiskey you will make

New York, New York! Do you want to wake up in the city that never sleeps? To know that you are number one, at the top of the list? Yes, like that famous Frank Sinatra song, New York City is a place that makes you want to be a part of it. There’s a reason the Big Apple is one of the most iconic and best-known cities in the world. From being the location of some of the world’s biggest blockbusters to being the center of the economic world, this cosmopolitan metropolis often seems to be at the center of everything that happens in the world.

This makes it the perfect city to be part of The Macallan’s Distil Your World, a series of limited edition single malt whiskeys and gastronomic creations that explore top locations around the world. The Macallan Distill Your World New York is an extraordinary single malt whiskey and documentary that captures the essence of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

Created by Macallan Whiskey Maker Polly Logan, this limited edition single malt continues The Macallan’s long-term collaboration with the famous Roca brothers, owners of El Celler de Can Roca, twice named Best Restaurant in the World. For this new collaboration, Logan and Joan Roca traveled to New York together. There, they immerse themselves in the city’s culture in an effort to capture the essence of one of the most creative and dynamic cities in the world.

They ultimately come up with an expression that embraces and celebrates New York City as a dynamic metropolis of art, creativity and visionary talent. Logan and Roca also spend time with the artists who fuel its vibrant culture; visionaries drive unparalleled creativity; and the thinkers who recorded the history of the city. These include legendary jazz musician Wynton Marsalis and legendary street artist Lady Pink, to be showcased in a new 30-minute documentary.

As for the whiskey itself, Logan says it’s a true “homage to the people of New York. Crafted from a perfect blend of six European and American oak barrels, it builds on the delicate apple notes that are part of The Macallan’s signature style, making it a fitting tribute to the ‘Big Apple. The nose is full of big apple notes, hints of classic American candies like peanut brittle and milk chocolate. You can also get a little sweet and salty mix like rising dough and the smell of fresh rain on the sidewalk.

On the palate, candy-like flavors take center stage, with chocolate-coated nuts, maple syrup and toasted waffles with a side of salted pecans, before finishing with a medium-length finish with toasted nuts and sweet oak. This project is a tribute to the people of New York. Brave, creative and diverse characters we meet along the way. This whiskey is bold, energetic and uplifting – just like every one of them,” says Logan. We’re really looking towards classic New York flavors – sweet candy, waffles, nut brittle, chocolate and pecans. The city’s burgeoning street food scene is a great source of inspiration.”

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