Do not tarnish the harmony of the country with fake news, extreme provocation, said the PM

JEMPOL: Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the Malaysian Family reflects the divinity of the country which is tied to the value of perfect education in a family and is inclusive. Thus, he invited the entire Malaysian family to continue together as a family that faces challenges in facing the waves and currents of globalization.

Don’t tarnish the harmony and peace enjoyed today with fake news and extreme provocations carried out by a few who are jealous or have specific intentions, especially on social media. The idea of ​​the Malaysian Family that was sparked is not just a slogan or mere rhetoric. Just look at Negeri Sembilan, this approach is very synonymous with the people of this state which is famous for its cultural heritage and multi-tribal society but live in a harmonious atmosphere and help each other.


He said when speaking at the opening ceremony of the Tour Malaysian Family Aspirations (AKM) Negeri Sembilan level at Dataran Seri Jempol today. Also present were Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who was also the AKM Tour Leader Minister and Chief Secretary Mohd Zuki Ali. Ismail said that even though people in this country have different beliefs, backgrounds and cultures, they need to celebrate inclusion, togetherness and gratitude in upholding the spirit of the Malaysian Family as a nation.

He said that as a country with a diverse race and culture, tolerance among Malaysians is also very important as a tool in uniting all parties. The prosperity of the country can be maintained through tolerance by appreciating, respecting and accepting differences in a pluralistic society as advocated by the Prophet SAW when developing the holy city of Medina.

The attitude demanded in Islam not only allows the people to continue to develop until they are respected but also to avoid any pointless things,” he said. The prime minister also visited the Futuristic Hospital, which is one of the highlights of this tour, and officiated Healthy and Prosperous Malaysia Month at the Active Zone at Dataran Seri Jempol. The AKM Negeri Sembilan tour, which is the tenth in the series and lasted three days starting yesterday, is targeting 120,000 visitors with the Ministry of Health as the lead ministry.

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