Chinese drills more about intimidation, says Taiwan

Chinese army last week is focused than the media than they can do so easily, said they have a security rights of the safety island .

China says he has done for two days of the game on Thursday under the name of the “Policy” for each other “, which, of, China and say Like the second statement is special countries. China who views the law of judgment to view Taiwan as his territory and do not allow to prevent the island. LA is accepting the Chinese statement of China, says that Taiwan can determine their fate several times but it has been asked to discuss. Speaking to reporters at Parliament, Director General of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau Tsai Ming-yen said the aim of China’s exercises was not to go to war.

“The purpose of the military exercises was to intimidate, not to start a war,” he said. The exercise is intended to show foreign and domestic audiences that Beijing “has full control over the situation in the Taiwan Strait,” Tsai added.

For the past four years, China has sent its troops around Taiwan almost every day, seeking to put pressure on the island. But China also appears to be trying to limit the scope of the exercises, Tsai’s office said in a report to lawmakers, stressing that there are no declarations of no-fly zones or no-fly zones and that the exercises It has been two days. .

“The aim is to avoid the escalation of the situation and international intervention, but there is a fear that in the future (China) will continue to force us to be confused, gradually change the situation in the Taiwan Strait”, he said. Tsai added that the Chinese military mobilized almost as soon as China announced the exercise on Thursday morning.

The speed is very fast, showing the ability to collect quickly,” he said.

North Korea launched an anti-South Korean “ideology campaign” overnight in the border area, South Korean military officials told AFP on Wednesday, as a local authority issued a warning asking residents to stay at home.

Seoul security officials said that “suspected North Korean propaganda materials have been found in the Gyeonggi-Gangwon region and the military is taking action.” “Citizens should avoid anything that is done outside, do not go into unknown places and report them to the nearest military or police,” said a press release sent to AFP.

On Tuesday night, Gyeonggi Province sent a text message to residents. “Avoid all outdoor activities and report (things from North Korea) to military bases when discovered,” the message said.

Since the end of the Korean War (1950–1953), the two Koreas are still technically at war and are separated by a strong land border including the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). South Korean supporters sometimes release balloons carrying anti-Kim Jong-un propaganda and funds intended for the people living in the North.

Pyongyang has long resented such media coverage, perhaps out of concern that the flow of outside information into its tightly controlled society could pose a threat to the Kim regime. On Sunday, North Korea warned that it would retaliate in a statement by the government’s Korean Central News Agency.

Kim Kang Il, vice minister of defense, said in the statement, “Tit-for-tat measures will also be taken against the constant scattering of leaflets and other waste by the ROK near the border area.” Name. “Soon piles of waste paper and garbage will be scattered across the region and within the ROK, and we will see to it that all necessary efforts are made to eliminate them,” Kim said.

North Korea attempted to put a second spy satellite into orbit on Monday, but the launch was interrupted by a mid-air explosion.

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