others alarmed at ‘increasing harm to civilians’ in Myanmar

The EU, US and other countries today expressed concern over the worsening conflict in Myanmar and the “increasing civilian casualties” it is causing.

They were particularly concerned by reports that tens of thousands of civilians in Rakhine state – home to the Rohingya minority – have been forced to flee their homes, and called on “all armed forces to ensure safety” of ordinary people.” The signatories of the joint statement – the EU, the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland – emphasized that “it “must be held accountable for all the atrocities committed in Myanmar .”

Earlier in the day, the United Nations warned that the escalating fighting in Rakhine has forced about 45,000 people to flee, despite allegations of killings and burning of property. Violence has rocked the state since the Arakan Army, which says it is fighting to bring independence to the Rakhine tribe, attacked government forces in November, ending a respected ceasefire. respect since the 2021 military rule.

The signatories of the statement said that they are deeply concerned about the escalation of the conflict in Myanmar and especially because of the increasing problems caused by civilians, which cause serious and serious violations of human rights and problems. human relations in the country. They highlighted credible reports of civilian targeting and torture, the use of civilians as human shields, and sexual violence against women and children.

They blamed the government for food and water shortages and for cutting off access to medical and other aid. The statement said that “In Rakhine State, the army and paramilitary groups have systematically attacked villages and towns.

“Reports of forced labor, especially of the Rohingya, are dividing communities and exploiting conflicts and mistrust. All people are facing severe food shortages.

“The situation is increasingly dangerous for all civilians, including Rakhines, Rohingyas and other ethnic groups,” the statement said. The EU, US and their allies in the statement called for an immediate end to violence and for other countries to stop sending weapons, including jet fuel, to Myanmar.

They also called for the release of arbitrarily detained prisoners and for dialogue “so that democracy can be fully restored.

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