Philippines says China’s rules for Coast Guard a

Philippine National Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro said on Friday that China’s rules on how the coast guard can operate in the South China Sea are an international matter, calling them provocative.

China, which has maritime sovereignty disputes with the Philippines and other claimants in the South China Sea, issued a new law that will take effect in 2021 that expressly authorizes its coast guard to fire at ‘a ship from another country. “Such an act is not only a violation of UNCLOS, but also a violation of the Charter of the United Nations which obliges every country with a duty to refrain from the use of force or aggression, especially in this case, the Declaration of Legal Boundary not approved in the country. marine department,” Teodoro said in his speech at the Philippine Navy’s commemoration ceremony.

He added, “It’s a provocation as far as I’m concerned. The Philippines and China have had a series of maritime skirmishes in the South China Sea in recent months, including the use of a Chinese patrol boat that damaged a Manila cruiser and injured its crew.

Responding to concerns, Chinese foreign officials said this week that the new law is meant to protect the maritime system and that there is no cause for concern if there are no illegal actions by individuals and groups involved. him. The Philippines said today it has opened a port in the northern part of the country to boost security following China’s “military build-up” near Taiwan over the past two years. The outpost “will gather critical data and maritime intelligence, helping the (Philippine Coast Guard) effectively respond to threats such as illegal trade, trafficking, piracy and foreign affairs,” the adviser said. told the national security, Eduardo Ano, in a press release.

“In 2022, the area around Itbayat saw a military build-up as China reacted to the diplomatic relationship between Taiwan and the United States,” Ano said, announcing the opening of the railway station in ‘the northern island of the Philippines. “Ensuring peace, stability and freedom of navigation along the Luzon Strait is essential to ensure the national security and economic prosperity of the Philippines,” he added.

Itbayat is about 150 kilometers south of the coast of Taiwan. Beijing and Manila are locked in a bitter diplomatic dispute over rival claims to parts of the South China Sea.

China has built artificial islands and military installations in waters near the Philippines. Chinese efforts to assert its claim include submarine attacks by Chinese coast guard vessels in recent years that have damaged Philippine government vessels and injured several crew members.

Itbayat is just outside the vaguely defined map area used by the Chinese to claim most of the South China Sea. Ano did not comment on the war games that China started yesterday, in which it surrounded Taiwan with warplanes and warships.

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