Papua New Guinea evacuates 7,900 amid new landslide threat

Papua Nouvelle-Grooiné Reactuates about 7,900 nearby to where the nearest lands of fatal lands, says he is the headquarters.

“We try to go out,” the government administration of the Sandis Tka told an AFP. “Every hour you can hear rocks breaking – it’s like bombs or guns and rocks falling,” Tsaka said.

A mountainside village in Enga district was almost wiped out when Mungalo mountain collapsed early on Friday morning, suffocating many houses and people sleeping there. Papua New Guinea’s national disaster management center fears more than 2,000 people may have been buried, but only five bodies and the leg of a sixth have so far been removed from the rubble.

Rescuers are trying to evacuate 7,900 people from the area to be sure that “the ongoing landslide will not claim more lives than those already lost,” Tsaka said. He said the area was “completely destroyed” and the city was “revolting”, he said.

He said: “All the families were buried under the rubble. He added, “Everyone in the Enga region has a friend or family member who was killed, is missing or affected by this tragedy.”

“People dig with their hands and fingers. »

Tsaka said the area is full of houses, businesses, churches and schools. “It was completely wiped out. It’s the surface of the moon – it’s just a rock,” he said. Tsaka said he spoke this morning in an emergency online meeting with foreign governments and asked for immediate assistance to address the ground threat, manage the response and ensure speedy delivery.

He said: “I cannot overcome this tragedy. Rescue efforts have been delayed by the site’s remote location, in Papua New Guinea, and the destruction of roads and nearby ethnic clashes.

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